How one Veteran’s Service Organization Increased their average donation by 28% using a label mailing program

Executive Summary:

A large membership based NPO was using direct mail fund raising to help support it’s mission. In recent years, net income from their sweepstakes mailing was declining significantly.

The NPO came to Victory-360 (V360) in 2015 and asked for help in rebuilding their direct mail programs in order to generate higher net returns. These higher net returns were needed to support the veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The team also wanted to rebuild their donor base for future generations of veterans.

After redesigning the label package, writing better copy, applying its proprietary donor demographic profiles and mailing to select names in 2016, the net returns for the sweepstakes package increased $31,605.68 over the prior year, with gross revenues increasing to over $56,090.16.

About the NPO

The NPO is a State based non-profit, who has been in existence for almost 100 years. The NPO provides a variety of services to support the men and women in uniform. Their membership population is aging and has been declining for several years.

About the Project

Direct Mail Fundraising is a key source of funding for the NPO programs that support local Veterans in need. The label mailing net revenues had declined by 27% in $25,328.77 in 2015.

Discovery: Define the Challenge

V360 began discovery in January of 2016. Discovery included stakeholder interviews, copy review, and audience analysis. Returns on investment were well below V360 best practice benchmarks. Letter copy and donor profiles were not following industry best practices

The NPO made a business decision to move forward with a plan provided by V360 with more targeted mailings and a lower overall cost program.

Targeting: The Key

Working closely with the NPO team, V360FR executed a new label campaign in January of 2016. An analysis conducted later the same year showed a 25% increase in donation revenue, or $43,864.09. Net revenues were up by $46%, or $31,605.68.

Donation Revenue Exploded to the Upside

Creating a label package that has a high quality personalized look and feel, with imagery that evokes emotion, while targeting donors who are demographically and physco-graphically more likely to contribute, generated a 28% increase in average gift size.

Average gift amount increased by $3.66


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